S’OUVRE - Natural Collagen Expert

We are a dynamically developing international company in the Health & Beauty industry that focuses on natural beauty. We create a common vision based on our foundational values: high-quality products, a strong and reliable business model, and sustainable development.

The S'OUVRE cosmetics have been conquering the Polish market since 2016 due to their incredible quality standards.

One of a kind Natural Collagen. It is biologically active, the purest in its form and of the highest quality. The versatile action meets the needs of all skin and hair types. Its task is renewal, regeneration, anti-ageing effect and delivery of the most important active ingredients.

S'OUVRE also offers a wide range of products necessary in everyday situations. A wide range of dietary supplements has been developed with some of the best nutritionists. Perfume inspired by the most beautiful scents in the world. Basic care products suit everyone's needs, and household chemicals will take care of your home.

Our products quickly appeared on foreign markets and gained enormous trust among millions of customers.

We are successfully building a multicultural group of joyful people from all over the world who have passions, dreams, are ambitious, care for a healthy lifestyle, and pursue their business goals.

Systematic improvement and meeting the market’s expectations result in constant growth and a rapidly expanding group of satisfied customers on every continent. As a result, S'OUVRE introduces new solutions.

The S'OUVRE Professional brand was created out of a passion for natural beauty. Innovative solutions in the field of cosmetology result in the presence of an increasing number of beauty salons. S’OUVRE Professional is a line of products that have been created by a team of experienced and passionate experts to ensure the best effectiveness of the treatment therapies.

The wide offer allows you to perform many different rituals, individually tailored to each problem and skin type. Thanks to this, we can holistically take care of the client and perform treatments for the entire body: face, hands, feet, and scalp.

Our line is dedicated to professionals looking for unique and effective treatment cosmetics ensuring immediate and spectacular effects. New technologies and synergy of active ingredient allow us to build a coherent vision that creates prestigious places in the world of Beauty.

Each product was created with great care and the needs of the skin in mind. S'OUVRE is the art of constant workshopping our recipes. Specially selected ingredients inspire formulations that, thanks to being based on active complexes, bring the expected results.

Innovative face, body and hair treatments rejuvenate, nourish, slim and shape the face and body.

This is a wide range of treatments in your beauty salon.

The Home Care line was created to enhance the effects of the treatments and expand the offer of beauty salons. It provides proper care and regeneration after visiting a beauty salon and meets all the needs of the skin.

We support our business partners at every stage of cooperation. We develop their Business & Beauty skills. As a result, they increase the number of customers, product sales, and their turnover grows.

Provide your customers with comfort with S’OUVRE Professional products

The beautiful side of cosmetology
Innovative face, body and hair treatments rejuvenate, nourish, slim and shape the face and body. Feel special in a beauty salon with S'OUVRE products.