face, body
Oxygenating and moisturizing banquet treatment

Maximum regeneration and minimal irritation! This is the perfect treatment for everyone who is looking for the so-called ‘banquet ritual’ before going to the red carpet… but with an additional, bubble surprise. Thanks to bubble particles, skin becomes radiant, tighter, wrinkles are shallow. Your appearance will become fresh and attractive

-Used equipment and program: S’ouvre Beauty Symphony - Cavitation peeling with LED light therapy, sonophoresis

Skin firming treatment

Provide your skin with proper hydration and it will reward you with softness and firmness! This treatment perfectly supports the hydrolipid coat, nourishes the skin and strengthens it. Enjoy a shapely and beautiful body at any time of year.

-Used equipment and program: S’ouvre Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, program Firmness

face, neck, neckline
A treatment that firms and improves the condition of mature facial skin

Reverse the biological clock and enjoy firm and smooth skin of the face, neck, and cleavage! The deep wrinkles will disappear and the skin will take on a youthful color and glow characteristic of adolescence. Highlight your natural beauty!

-  Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy

face, neck, neckline
Comprehensive cleansing and nourishing of the skin with a vitamin bomb for skin of all ages

Enjoy a sensual and relaxing visit to your beauty salon. We will take care of your skin from scratch and provide it with everything it needs while you relax and forget about the whole world. Our comprehensive and multi-stage care in combination with professional cosmetic equipment will provide the skin with the necessary nutrients for the deepest layers of the epidermis

-Equipment and program: ultrasound

face, neck, neckline
A moisturizing and brightening treatment for 30+

Comfort and luxury for your skin! Regain a beautiful and healthy color, get rid of imperfections, and effectively prevent any problems. The Glam Glow treatment will restore your skin's natural beauty and emphasize its greatest advantages. It will bring out your deep gaze and make your skin glow.     

  -Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Revitalization 30+ program.

Anti-cellulite treatment

Are you worried about the orange skin on your thighs, buttocks, or other parts of your body? The Bye Bye, Cellulite treatment! will help you eliminate any skin unevenness thanks to the advanced technology hidden in the cosmetics designed specially to fight cellulite and needle mesotherapy. After this ritual, the skin will be tighter, smoother, and moisturized. Say goodbye to maxi skirts and jump into a mini skirt!

-   Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Cellulite program.

A stretch mark treatment

Stretch marks can keep you awake at night if they are on a particularly visible part of the body. Reduce their visibility and tone your body with a combination of professional moisturizing and skin-smoothing cosmetics and mesotherapy. The treatment will stimulate the cells to work and force the collagen into the dermis, thanks to which the area of the treatment will smooth out. Show your claws instead of stripes, Tiger!

-  Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Stretch Marks program.