face, body
Oxygenating and moisturizing banquet treatment

Maximum regeneration and minimal irritation! This is the perfect treatment for everyone who is looking for the so-called ‘banquet ritual’ before going to the red carpet… but with an additional, bubble surprise. Thanks to bubble particles, skin becomes radiant, tighter, wrinkles are shallow. Your appearance will become fresh and attractive

-Used equipment and program: S’ouvre Beauty Symphony - Cavitation peeling with LED light therapy, sonophoresis

Face, neck, neckline
Revitalizing treatment for dry and sensitive skin with Bacuchiole ampoule

An effective treatment based on natural ingredients that stimulate collagen and elastin production. Effective care with botanical retinol does wonders for your skin. It stimulates the skin, nourishes it and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Bacuchiol is well tolerated by sensitive and delicate types of skin.

Equipment and program used: Beauty Symphony S’OUVRE - Ultrasound

Face, neck, neckline
Brightening treatment to even skin tone with collagen and oil form of Vitamin C

Brighten your skin and give it a foregone youthful glow! Treatment with the oil form of vitamin C illuminates, smooths and removes discolouration. The grey skin tone disappears, and skin becomes deeply moisturized, soft and delicate.

Equipment and program used: Beauty Symphony S’OUVRE - Ultrasound

Face, neck, neckline
Retinol ampoules based revitalizing and exfoliating treatment

It's acid time! Problematic skin with acne lesions, wrinkles, discolorations, visible effects of photoaging and pores often lack proper hydration and need special care. This treatment performed regularly will bring soothing effect and comfort every day.

face, neck, neckline
Immediate rejuvenation, improvement in firmness and color

Quick treatment and a captivating effect! Perfect before a big event when we want to look mesmerizing. After the treatment, the skin becomes moisturized, nourished and smooth. The unsightly dark circles under the eyes will disappear and the face will gain a uniform color. The whole process is very relaxing and fun. You will wish to get onto the red carpet immediately.

-Equipment and program used: S’OUVRE Beauty Symphony- Sonophoresis with led red light.

face, neck, neckline
A cleansing and conditioning treatment for sensitive and vascularized skin

Sometimes the skin needs not only nourishment but also cleansing… as gentle as the touch of a feather. Calm down is a treatment designed for couperose skin that requires very gentle handling. Our needle-free mesotherapy, collagen cosmetics, and a gentle face massage will moisturize and nourish your skin as well as soothe irritations and reduce the visibility of blood vessels.

-Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Vascular Skin program.

face, neck, neckline
A moisturizing and cleansing treatment for 20+

Is your complexion still playing teenage pranks on you? The Clear & Fresh treatment will cleanse it in a gentle way without disrupting the delicate lipid-water balance of the skin. The cavitation scrub and a carefully selected set of procedures for young, problematic skin will help you rediscover the joy of clean, radiant skin without any youthful imperfections. The addition of collagen will rebuild the parts of the skin that were damaged by pimples.

-Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony – a cavitation scrub with blue LED light, needle-free mesotherapy, the Revitalization 20+ program

face, neck, neckline
A treatment for vascular skin

If you have couperose skin with visible redness, you should take care of it in a more sensitive way. The Red Alert treatment reduces irritation and the visibility of blood vessels. It also seals and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thanks to which your beauty and beautifully moisturized face, not red imperfections, will not catch everyone’s attention. Turn off the red alarm!

-Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Vascular Skin program.

face, neck, neckline
A rejuvenating treatment for mature skin

Smooth and firm, full of radiance and youthful look – this is what your skin will look like after providing it with an electrifying portion of active ingredients. They will nourish it and help it quickly and effectively.

-Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Revitalization 40+ program

face, neck, neckline
Purifying treatment
Effective and precise cleansing is necessary to maintain a healthy skin appearance. Due to Deep Clean imperfections, hyperpigmentation and harmful impurity disappear from the skin’s surface. The process of skin cell renewal is more efficient and active substances are better absorbed into its deeper layers.

  • The purpose of treatment: purifying treatment
  • The product used: vitalising milk, face cleansing gel, enzymatic peeling, regulating tonic, effective green mask Skin Only, active cream Skin Only
  • Device and program used: S'OUVRE Beauty Symphony- cavitation peeling with blue LED light

face, neck, neckline
A moisturizing and brightening treatment for 30+

Comfort and luxury for your skin! Regain a beautiful and healthy color, get rid of imperfections, and effectively prevent any problems. The Glam Glow treatment will restore your skin's natural beauty and emphasize its greatest advantages. It will bring out your deep gaze and make your skin glow.     

  -Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Revitalization 30+ program.

face, neck, neckline
Comprehensive cleansing and nourishing of the skin with a vitamin bomb for skin of all ages

Enjoy a sensual and relaxing visit to your beauty salon. We will take care of your skin from scratch and provide it with everything it needs while you relax and forget about the whole world. Our comprehensive and multi-stage care in combination with professional cosmetic equipment will provide the skin with the necessary nutrients for the deepest layers of the epidermis

-Equipment and program: ultrasound

Hair, scalp
A treatment that regenerates the hair shaft

Is your hair is crumbling, rough to the touch, and not as shiny as it used to be? That’s a clear sign that it requires a little love. The Rapunzel Strength treatment will restore its natural shine and strength thanks to the use of cosmetics rich in active ingredients and designed especially for more demanding hair. The use of professional equipment makes the beneficial substances penetrate deep into the hair, regenerating it, instead of just masking the damage from the outside.

-Equipment and program: specialist equipment for regenerating hair.