face, body
Oxygenating and moisturizing banquet treatment

Maximum regeneration and minimal irritation! This is the perfect treatment for everyone who is looking for the so-called ‘banquet ritual’ before going to the red carpet… but with an additional, bubble surprise. Thanks to bubble particles, skin becomes radiant, tighter, wrinkles are shallow. Your appearance will become fresh and attractive

-Used equipment and program: S’ouvre Beauty Symphony - Cavitation peeling with LED light therapy, sonophoresis

Face, neck, neckline
Resveratrol-based rejuvenating-lifting treatment

Treat your body and soul. ICE WINE treatment gives your skin a unique experience, which will provide your skin with visible results just after the treatment. The best possible results will be noticed when performed on mature skin. The treatment will make your skin feel regenerated, toned and more elastic. After complete absorption of products, skin is refreshed, nourished and tight. Face oval is lifted, therefore we can notice the lifting effect.

Face, neck, neckline
Brightening treatment to even skin tone with collagen and oil form of Vitamin C

Brighten your skin and give it a foregone youthful glow! Treatment with the oil form of vitamin C illuminates, smooths and removes discolouration. The grey skin tone disappears, and skin becomes deeply moisturized, soft and delicate.

Equipment and program used: Beauty Symphony S’OUVRE - Ultrasound

Face, neck, neckline
Vitamin C Tetraisopalmitate oil ampoule based brightening treatment

Brighten dull skin by providing it with a youthful glow and comfort. The treatment evens out the skin color, fights discoloration and the wrinkles. It makes the skin look brightened, smoothed and radiant.

Used program and equipment: Needless Mesotherapy – Beauty Symphony.

Face, neck, neckline
Retinol ampoules based revitalizing and exfoliating treatment

It's acid time! Problematic skin with acne lesions, wrinkles, discolorations, visible effects of photoaging and pores often lack proper hydration and need special care. This treatment performed regularly will bring soothing effect and comfort every day.

face, eye area
Revitalizing the eye area

The beauty of a woman is hidden in her eyes so let your eyes shine thanks to the Hollywood Look treatment. The ritual, performed with the help of needle-free mesotherapy, will improve the firmness of the skin around the eyes, make it firmer and give the whole face a new glow. The reduced wrinkles and brightened shadows under your eyes will make you shine like a movie star on the red carpet

-Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Eye Area program

face, neck, neckline
A care treatment for mature skin

Beauty doesn't end at 40. Eternal Beauty is a care ritual intended for people over 45. Our unique bubble mask will stimulate microcirculation, and collagen cosmetics will firm and tighten the skin. The enzyme scrub will smooth the skin and give it a fresh appearance. Don't let others see you through the prism of your birth certificate!

-Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy, the Lifting 45+ program.

face, neck, neckline
A treatment that firms and improves the condition of mature facial skin

Reverse the biological clock and enjoy firm and smooth skin of the face, neck, and cleavage! The deep wrinkles will disappear and the skin will take on a youthful color and glow characteristic of adolescence. Highlight your natural beauty!

-  Equipment and program: Beauty Symphony - needle-free mesotherapy